Why Should I get a Human Design Reading?

because we all need a reminder from time to time of who we are and what we’re capable of

Jeni Gage
3 min readMay 18, 2022


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Human Design is an incredible system for remembering who you are and understanding what you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime.

A reading can facilitate healing — reframing your essence and reflecting back to you what you innately know to be true about yourself.

When you get a Human Design reading, we’re speaking directly to your soul, reigniting your passion and connecting the dots.

So many times we’re quick to dismiss that we don’t know our path, or we deny our gifts because they come so naturally to us. Human Design highlights what we’re meant to share with the world and ideally helps us along our path to our freedom of full self-expression.

A Human Design reading helps you understand how you operate so you can become a clear channel. When we’re not interfering with our own energy, we’re free to bring the world our specific gifts and talents that are our unique contributions to the patchwork quilt that is The Life.

Human Design has been an avenue to my greatest growth — allowing me to pull all my spiritual and energy work together within its framework. At its core, Human Design is saying — YOU ARE THE AUTHORITY ON YOU!

Getting a Human Design reading or playing around with your intuition isn’t meant to result in a mistake free life, it’s meant to bring you a well-lived life.

Life is one big experiment. We are energetic beings in an energetic world. Understanding how your specific energy works means you are giving yourself permission to explore what happens when you poke and prod. We can lose the shame and blame and instead focus on seeing how we interact with the environment around us.

When choosing a reader, find someone who resonates with you. Having your Human Design chart read is a deeply personal experience and each reader will interpret your chart with their own lens.

When I read a Human Design Chart here’s my approach: I see every person as an individual blend of energy — this personal energy creates the fuel for the talents and gifts that are meant to be divinely expressed through you.

I read your chart like someone reads a painting — I see the messages the universe is here to express through you — the places where you have the potential for genius and the places where you are meant to impact the world.

A reading can become a personally transformative experience as we allow our bodies to hear how magical we really are.

We frequently downplay our personal magic or don’t realize what our magic is (because we innately think everyone can do what we can do and that’s simply not true!)

Therefore, I see our time together as a powerful tool for your growth and spiritual alignment.

As you ascend into your full potential, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is the opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of a divine mirror.

I provide a reframe on who you are, so you can cut away the energetic drags and free yourself to co-create with the universe.

You have the power already. My role is guiding you back to your authority and developing trust within yourself. You are the keeper of the keys in unlocking your full power, you just need a map. Want to work with me? Book here.



Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader living in Los Angeles. Learn more about Human Design and book a session or class at jenigage.com