One Simple Shift that can Make Your Life a lot More Enjoyable

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You’ve read all the books. You’ve gotten all the degrees. You’ve got the dream job. So why aren’t you happy?

I have one question for you. When was the last time you celebrated yourself?

The culture we’re all steeped in is one of endless acquisition and no rest. This keeps us on a escalator leading to no where. Life is meant to be and is a spiral. We’re cyclical beings, but we live like we’re on an upward trend graph. It’s out of alignment with our nature and it shows.

If you’re looking to increase your satisfaction and live a life you love, I challenge you to one thing:


Celebrating your successes along the way is critical to enjoying your life.

Are you shocked that I’m not suggesting you work harder? Or get a second job to save more money? The flaw in the thinking that most people share is that there will be some magical time when the work is done and we’ve made it and then we can celebrate and enjoy life.

I hate to break it to you, but life is happening NOW. You can and are designed to enjoy life RIGHT NOW, not in some mythical future. Even during a pandemic, there is joy. Are you working from home instead of commuting? CELEBRATE. Are you seeing your children more? CELEBRATE. Did you just try something new? CELEBRATE.

Celebrating our victories and successes, even if we’re not at our “final destination,” makes meaning in our life and invites us to slow down and appreciate what we have.

Ferris Bueller knows.

Matthew Broderick as the iconic Ferris Bueller in a bathrobe, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

If you aren’t stopping to take in the view, you’re missing out on a lot of what makes our lives special. If you’re trying to break yourself out of the grips of perfectionism, this goes double for you.

When building trust in your own life, make sure you are taking time to celebrate your victories.

Yes, keep the vision strong of what you want to achieve and experience, but if you’re just bulldozing through your list of achievements, checking them off and moving on to the next without ever stopping to admire your work and where you came from, you’ll never feel that sweet moment of victory and success and satisfaction.

Look back over your past few years. It was only a short while ago that you were pining away for the life you live now. Take time to acknowledge when you’ve reached a stage you’ve been gunning for and celebrate yourself. Celebrating our victories is an important part of the process as it completes the cycle so you can start on the next step.

If movies didn’t come to a resolution, we’d feel really weird when they ended. A lot of times we feel dissatisfied in our lives because it’s just one giant to-do list and no time to just kick back and enjoy.

When we move through life in cycles we feel the fullness of life.

It enriches our experience and reminds us what a miracle it is to be alive. Don’t cut your experience short by skipping celebration. Even if you feel you aren’t ‘there’ yet, CELEBRATE HOW FAR YOU’VE COME. We’ve heard it a million times, life is a journey and not a destination- but part of that journey is all about learning to see all the incredible gifts you do have — and taking stock of your growth.

It is not selfish to celebrate. It is necessary. It’s not boastful or embarrassing to stop and tell yourself you’re proud. You don’t need to call Bravo and get your celebration featured on the next Real Housewives episode, you just need to stop and tell yourself, HELL YES. (But if you want to hold yourself a parade and livestream it, BE MY GODDAMN GUEST!)

Do a dance, call a friend, journal a note of gratitude, tell yourself you’re damn proud of yourself — BECAUSE YOU ARE SO DESERVING OF PRAISE AND CELEBRATION 🎉

What I see a lot in my practice are super ambitious people who need a gentle reminder to stop and survey all their greatness. Taking time to celebrate ourselves allows us to relax and enjoy the fruits our labor has already sown. We all need a reminder that we are so powerful and have accomplished so much already. Celebrating along the way makes everything more sweet.

If celebrating yourself feels unfamiliar or uncomfortable, start small. Unfortunately our culture loves to shame people who take joy in life and call them out as foolish. What’s foolish is not living your life fully now.

Celebrating your tiny victories 🥳 doesn’t mean you’re selling yourself short or done, it just means you are enjoying the process!

Think about it another way — you get offered your dream job at two companies and the only difference is culture. One company never stops grinding and when one achievement is knocked off, the next project starts immediately. At the other company when a goal is reached, there’s a party. Awards are handed out. Speeches are given. Cake is served. Everyone gets the weekend off to rest and relax. The next project starts with everyone well rested and proud of their successes.

Which company would you join?

Why do we live our lives like there’s a constant deadline? We all benefit from incorporating more joy into our daily lives, so do yourself a favor and do a little dance right now or write yourself a note telling yourself good job.

Morale is critical for success.

So, the message today is this — an important part of shifting into your power is learning to celebrate yourself.





Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader + energy teacher living in Los Angeles. Learn more about Human Design and book a session or class at

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Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader + energy teacher living in Los Angeles. Learn more about Human Design and book a session or class at

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