Human Design: The Channel of Judgment

How self-criticism led to me creating a freeing movement program

Jeni Gage
4 min readNov 15, 2021


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I have the channel of judgment in my chart and YES, I do feel it.

The channel of judgment connects Gate18 in the spleen to Gate 58 in the root. It is a pressurized channel that I am aware of essentially every waking minute of the day.

How I see and feel channel 18–48 is the *relentless* pursuit of perfection.


When I found out about Human Design and understood this channel — honestly, it was a massive weight off — at LAST there was a reason for the crushing perfectionism I felt ALL THE TIME! But what is fascinating about this channel of energy is that it isn’t meant to be turned inward! This energy in it’s purest expression is about the pressure act in service of greater humankind. It’s a pursuit of helping humans on the whole find joy.

Gate 18 in the spleen is about correction — in the I’Ching an English translation is “working on it.” The energy is an intuitive understanding and drive to fix and tinker. It’s also what gives gate 18 (and channel of judgment holders) an “eagle eye.” This energy is trained to spot the bottleneck. It’s deeply logical and based in seeing patterns — those of us who hold this energy know what will go wrong, and where you are going to go wrong — and we can accurately anticipate where something might fall short. The thing about gate 18 and this channel is that this information MUST BE ASKED FOR — otherwise it comes across as judgment.

Now, it’s not all doom and gloom for us 18–58’s — because Gate 58 is all about LOVING LIFE! The I’Ching calls gate 58 “the joyful lake.” 58 is about a deep well and inner resource of vitality and zest for life. One of my Human Design teachers likens it to being high on your own supply, LOLOL!!!

So when we look at 18–58 together — it’s the pressure to correct what we see for everyone to experience a deep abundance of inner joy. HOW BEAUTIFUL!!

As a person born into a woman’s body — I have struggled with perfectionism when it comes to my physical form — until I realized that it was the biggest block I had in fully being in my joy. The lower expression of energy from that pressure to be perfect and correct what I was doing all the time really killed my vibe. From my time as a special education teacher + teaching boutique fitness I realized how buying into beauty and diet culture is killing us while we’re still here.

So I’ve been creating a method that has helped free myself from diet culture and celebrate myself.

Introducing ✨ THE MAGIC BODY METHOD ✨ I created this for my ongoing recovery from my own harsh thoughts on myself.

When I was able to make the most progress in my personal life and development was when I was able to just exist in my body, letting my self-consciousness drop and being fully in the moment. This was not an overnight process, but a deep awakening.

If you are in a cycle of self-judgment and monitoring yourself from a 3rd party point of view, you are squeezing all the joy out of life, which sucks. We’re meant to live and feel and experience, not watch our lives trying to manage how we’re perceived. This has been a huge process for me.

Here are some of my resources that have helped me get to where I am:

and so many others who push back on mainstream beauty and wellness culture as they have all been instrumental in my recovery from disordered body issues)

Magic Body Method is a peek into my toolkit into fighting diet culture and how I get in touch with the moment. It’s 30 minutes you can give to yourself to be present and get your aura real nice and tidy. If we’re grounded in our energy and present, then we create a canvas to feel out the vibes around us. The basis of all energy work begins by being in the moment. Come check it out!



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