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The Aura is the operating system of a Projector, so how exactly does the Projector aura work?

The Projector Aura is designed to operate at peak capacity when locked into another aura with permission, recognition, and invitation [photo description: two millenial white men sit inside a green metal diner] Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

What is Human design?

Human Design is a complex system to learn. Channeled in the 80s by Ra Uru Hu, it is a synergy of many ideologies (the Chakras, Astrology, the I’Ching for starters) and in the most recent decade has been interpreted and extrapolated to new conclusions about the energetic laws governing our experience on earth.

I’m sorry, what?

It’s a map of how you uniquely move through the world and it’s a tool for deeper awareness of what it means to be alive in your physical body.

Why is Human Design useful?

I Find Human Design incredibly useful because it’s helped me identify my authentic core. I have been able to identify limiting beliefs easier and take them less personally. The more I understand how my energy works, the more I am able to forgive myself for past mistakes and misunderstandings, I’m more compassionate to myself and others.

What is an Aura?

Think of the aura as the operating system of a Projector. It is the energetic container and code that directs how you move through the world. Everything in your Human Design chart sits within the aura. It is the foundation for understanding yourself from a Human Design perspective.

Is a Human Design aura different?

Before I learned about Human Design, my understanding of auras was that they are all the same. In Human Design, there are 4 different aura shapes, The Projector, The Generator (with the subenergy type: The Manifesting-Generator), The Manifestor, and The Reflector. Each aura type has it’s own distinct energetic hallmarks for how they interact best in the world. Just like we can Projector Aura

How does the Projector Aura work? (Aura Mechanics)

Mechanically, the aura of a Projector is a piercing and absorbing 1:1 energetic connection. The aura of a Projector is designed to cut through the other aura. In Human Design literature this process is typically referred to as Penetration.

This process is inherently personal. The aura is designed to work as a 1:1 connection. When the connection is invited, it is a powerful vortex. However, if the connection was not properly set up, it is typically both painful and awkward for the Projector.

What happens when connection is made?

After the aura pierces and connects to the other aura, information can be read and the connection is felt by both the Projector that is penetrating and the aura who’s aura is being penetrated. All of the Projector’s attention is focused and funneled into the other person. It is intense, it is deep, it is PENETRATING. For contrast and context, the aura for Generators is designed to be more impersonal and handle multiple auras at one time.

What does a Projector Vortex feel like?

The experience of full Projector attention and penetration is not the typical experience for most people. It can be experienced as hypnotic and also addicting. A Projector Vortex occurs when you as the Projector fully tune in and connect to another person and they are fully connected back to you.

Because the aura is penetrating and absorbing, a good connection is an energetically emersive experience. When I am in a Projector Vortex (term my own) it is a full body experience of giving my full attention to another energetic being.

How do I know when I am being invited?

The invitation is determined through authority. As a splenic Projector, I know an invitation through an inner body strike of splenic awareness. Projectors have the most diversity in intuition (authority) learning how you experience authority is extremely valuable information. (Getting a reading can help with this if you’re in need of getting back in touch with your authority.)

What happens if I am not invited?

As you can imagine (and as you’ve likely experienced) as a Projector, things can go wrong when you don’t wait for an invitation. For example, you have likely have been misinterpreted, been rejected, been ignored, and been left out, or worse when you’ve tried to force yourself in to places you weren’t invited. You aren’t wrong or bad for not knowing how to use your energy correctly! Even after you’ve learned Human Design, you’ll still continue to develop your awareness about your personal energetics.

Human Design is a system that benefits from time and gentle observation. Nothing about you is broken or needs to be fixed. It’s about paying attention to how you are showing up in the world.

If you want to learn more about Human Design from me — feel free to check out my other medium articles or visit my bio for my website with additional Human Design content.

Happy Learning Journey ✌️



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