Human Design Is A Compass for our Wellbeing

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Human Design is an incredible avenue to tap into your body’s wisdom.

Body wisdom is our innate intelligence (intuition) we have with us at all times. When we’re living authentically, we’re flowing with our unique skills, gifts, and wisdom that we unlock by being embodied.

As a map, it helps make sense of the different messages and pressures we receive and shows us which energies will be consistent versus not.We learn to betray ourselves pretty young — so using Human Design as a layer as you tap into your own body wisdom is a wonderful avenue to bring you back into harmony with yourself.

First, remember you are not broken, there is nothing you need to fix.

We are designed to optimally perform with our own unique intelligence signature, but because we look elsewhere for approval and permission, we can unwittingly shut down our talents. We’re releasing everything that does not serve us and allowing ourselves to be a vessel for life to flow through us.

Many teachers talk about the power that happens when you are living in the present moment — being fully in the moment in your body is the starting point for both change and acceptance.

If you are in harmony- it helps other people get into harmony too.

As you change the way you interact, old patterns naturally have to break, making way for your natural evolution and creating energetic nudges to those around you — whispering to them that they too can live from the body instead of habit.

You can begin listening to your body wisdom at any moment.

I find that through a mix of movement, meditation, and breath work that we can clear out the noise and make a better connection to our energy. Everyone has the capability to learn how to flow with their personal energy and live a fulfilling experience on earth.

Human Design is an incredible tool because we have a map of our energy.

We can become strengthened in our own self-trust, by seeing our energetic blueprint. For me, understanding my design gave me the confidence to know I was on my right path and the strides I’ve been able to make by living with my design instead of fighting against it has been absolutely extraordinary.

You can begin living with your energy and unlocking your body wisdom through listening, paying attention, and patience.

Create a journal of the moments you listened to your intuition and the outcome versus times you allowed your fear to lead you. What were the feelings or thoughts you received?

You have the ability to discern what’s right and wrong for you by listening to the cues and energy your body provides. It’s when we talk ourselves into things we know aren’t right for us that we let the mind override our innate wisdom that we usually get ourselves into trouble.

I see Human Design as a cosmic compass pointing to who we were all underneath the layers of conditioning and expectations we heap on ourselves (intentionally and not).

Sometimes we need a reintroduction to who we are and sometimes all we need is permission to embrace what makes us special. The beating heart of my sessions is a constant — we can run from who we are, we can bury who we are, we can hate who we are — but we are who we are.

The best course forward is to love who we are. In all my career paths, this is the lesson that I’ve learned, and it gets deeper every year.

As a classroom teacher, I found that the students who got the most out of their assignments were the students who were willing to learn from their mistakes and honestly assess their shortcomings. These students didn’t see their work as personal failings, they understood it was a marker in time and they could use the information to make the next piece that much more interesting. Students who found a personal interest in what they were doing were also more “successful” because they were able to integrate the information and the lessons fully.

As a fitness instructor, I saw the same thing. My clients who could take critical feedback on their form and didn’t take it personally grew stronger and typically didn’t injure themselves. Most people (including myself) take the feedback from the instructor as not doing something right and would rather be ignorant of our mistakes instead of corrected. We float along in ignorance because we are afraid to see and know the truth, but being able to see yourself honestly allows you to move forward effectively and efficiently.

The clients who were in denial about their abilities didn’t get improve at the same rate.

A phenomenon I saw both in fitness classes and teaching school is the people who can mimic the work without integrating it. Performative performing if you will. Someone who’s work lacks the critical understanding. Performing to maintain an image rather than to feel.

What would you rather do? Maintain an image or truly be something?

True wellbeing isn’t a performance.

Moving from external performance to internal integration takes humility and perseverance. We must be willing to make mistakes, learn from our mistakes, and approach life like a scientist in a lab; trying different ways without attaching to our expectations. If a scientist keeps trying one way and doesn’t allow for flexibility, trying multiple avenues and different materials, they will never make progress. If we get hung up on a certain set of beliefs, we become stagnant and stuck. Change and evolution is the only constant in life. Don’t get stuck in the past because you can’t adapt to the now.

BUT THERE IS HOPE, if you are stuck in the past, Human Design can help you identify where you are stuck. We come back to who we are when we live in alignment with who we are instead of living against who we are.

When we layer that Human Design map with our self-care practices, we can facilitate our own healing. We can transform.

You are meant to be the expert and authority on yourself. By having an understanding of your key energies (through knowing your own Human Design) you can trust yourself more. You won‘t need to follow someone else’s advice or be driven to tick boxes.

We can develop a deeper understanding of what we’re releasing and what we’re inviting in.

Just like working with intentions, when we know what we’re working towards, we have a better chance of getting there. We can cut out distractions and we can spot the tools we need on our journey.

Have you ever accidentally turned down a blessing? Been invited somewhere or given an opportunity and squandered it because you just didn’t understand how to use it?

Human Design gives us the map so that we see the value in doing self-care. Identifying what self-care means to us and becoming the WHY we yoke our soul and spirit together to the body.

  • Why do I want to take care of my body? (So I can hear my own intuition and authority instead of being driven by old programming and internalized voices from my youth)
  • Why do I want to practice movement like Pilates and yoga? (So that I am able to release stuck emotions and energy, clearing out the stuck energy so I can feel more myself)
  • Why do I want to do breathwork and meditation? (So I can feel comfortable with my emotions and recognize that I am not my thoughts)

When we understand WHY we are doing something, it becomes inherently more meaningful. When we know WHAT we are working towards, we feel energized and inspired.

Our life isn’t about harmonizing our body, mind & soul, it’s what happens once we’ve found that harmony.

We won’t always live in harmony, but when we understand how to bring ourselves back to alignment, we won’t be spending all our time striving for it. I’m interested in what happens once we’ve created a firm foundation for ourselves.

How do we grow and expand and express ourselves?

What can you do in the world once you feel safe being you?

With an understanding of our energy and being in tune with our bodies — we can do just that — change the world.




Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader + energy teacher living in Los Angeles. Learn more about Human Design and book a session or class at

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Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader + energy teacher living in Los Angeles. Learn more about Human Design and book a session or class at

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