We are driven by what we don’t have in our chart

Human Design is an incredible tool for learning about yourself and the people around you.

While understanding our defined energy is important, arguably understanding the white space in our charts is the more valuable skill. In traditional Human Design teachings, all white space is considered the places where we “go to school.”

Taking the…

Human Design knowledge must be experienced in the body — how do you feel about yours?

I remember distinctly being in 4th grade and the girl next to me in music class lamenting her “fat thighs.”

As I heard this girl tear her body apart, I was struck by what she was saying. …

Exercise for the sole purpose of weight-loss is setting yourself up for failure

If you are only exercising in the name of weight loss or making your body smaller, you are entirely missing the point of exercise.

I say this as someone who entirely missed the point of exercise for years. …

Living Your Design is Innate, Not Learned

If you follow any Human Design hashtags on Instagram, you’ll find endless ways that people recommend you try or do or buy to “practice” living your design.

There is nothing to practice in Human Design. There is nothing to believe. There is nothing TO DO. …

Human Design is body-based awareness so you can live with ease from your authentic self

Human Design is an incredible avenue to tap into your body’s wisdom.

Body wisdom is our innate intelligence (intuition) we have with us at all times. When we’re living authentically, we’re flowing with our unique skills, gifts, and wisdom that we unlock by being embodied.

As a map, it helps make sense of the different messages and pressures we receive and shows…

Achievement without joy is checking boxes, utterly devoid of meaning and empty.

You’ve read all the books. You’ve gotten all the degrees. You’ve got the dream job. So why aren’t you happy?

I have one question for you. When was the last time you celebrated yourself?

The culture we’re all steeped in is one of endless acquisition and no rest. This keeps…

Understanding the seductive energy of the sacral center

Do you know why I love Human Design? It has built-in signposts that we can use to evaluate if we’re balanced and in our authenticity.

The not-self themes of the energy centers and aura types are incredible tools to evaluate our wellbeing.

We don’t need to learn everything there is…

Human Design can help you get in touch with your natural gifts and talents, helping you develop own authority + fight the power.

We are being called to figure out how we will survive in a world we’ve fantasized about for ages — what happens when society as we know…

How to Trust Yourself First

In the overlapping worlds of self-development, New Age spirituality, wellness, and self-help, a word you’ll come across often is authenticity.

What does it mean to be living in your authenticity?

Finding your authenticity means being deeply rooted in your body, feeling connected to who you are and feeling confident enough to make decisions that feel right for you.

When you are in your authenticity, you are looking out for yourself and are comfortable making decisions that take your needs into consideration.

As a…

When we assume agency over our own lives, that’s a powerful moment — You have the power to make radical changes and live the life you want.

a black and white photo of a large ship sailing amidst the frozen ice caps in the ocean

Let’s start with a little check in, shall we? Grab a pen and some paper and be as honest with yourself as you can be. Let your first instinct lead you.

8 questions for clarity — making your dream life your real life

Before you begin, center yourself by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Be open to the answers…

Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader + yoga teacher living in Austin, Texas. Grab my free guide to Human Design energy types at jenigage.com

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