Follow these 4 Steps to get back into Flow


We’ve all been there. One day you take a look at your life and it’s like:

You just can’t keep going. Hitting a rock bottom can feel terrifying, but it’s also a point of pivot (and can be extremely freeing!)…

Some wisdom and lessons I’ve gleaned from this past year

In the northern hemisphere, New Year’s sits atop the winter season. As the weather cools and our social life softens (or comes to a complete stop due to our current pandemic) we’re really able to drawn inward. …

We are driven by what we don’t have in our chart

Human Design is an incredible tool for learning about yourself and the people around you.

While understanding our defined energy is important, arguably understanding the white space in our charts is the more valuable skill. In traditional Human Design teachings, all white space is considered the places where we “go to school.”

Taking the…

Human Design is body-based awareness so you can live with ease from your authentic self

Human Design is an incredible avenue to tap into your body’s wisdom.

Body wisdom is our innate intelligence (intuition) we have with us at all times. When we’re living authentically, we’re flowing with our unique skills, gifts, and wisdom that we unlock by being embodied.

As a map, it helps make sense of the different messages and pressures we receive and shows…

Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader + yoga teacher living in Austin, Texas. Grab my free guide to Human Design energy types at

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