Human Design knowledge must be experienced in the body — how do you feel about yours?

PAUSE: Human Design immediately makes me think about childhood body image?


Exercise for the sole purpose of weight-loss is setting yourself up for failure

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If you are only exercising in the name of weight loss or making your body smaller, you are entirely missing the point of exercise.

Living Your Design is Innate, Not Learned

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We can learn ABOUT our design, but we don’t learn our design.

Human Design is body-based awareness so you can live with ease from your authentic self

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Human Design is an incredible avenue to tap into your body’s wisdom.

First, remember you are not broken, there is nothing you need to fix.

Achievement without joy is checking boxes, utterly devoid of meaning and empty.

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Understanding the seductive energy of the sacral center

Don’t wait until burn out to take control of your life. [a yellow warning sign is partially submerged in what appear to be flood waters] Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Photo by Efren Barahona on Unsplash [image: a young person tilts their face towards the sun with closed eyes and smiles contentedly up at the sky in the middle of a two-lane road.]
A character from Schitts Creek says, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

We must find our own compass, it’s the only way forward.

How to Trust Yourself First

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What does it mean to be living in your authenticity?

When you are in your authenticity, you are looking out for yourself and are comfortable making decisions that take your needs into consideration.

When we assume agency over our own lives, that’s a powerful moment — You have the power to make radical changes and live the life you want.

a black and white photo of a large ship sailing amidst the frozen ice caps in the ocean
You got yourself here and you can get yourself out. Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

8 questions for clarity — making your dream life your real life

If we come to terms with the fact that we’re never in control of what’s happening then we can live a little more loosely and create with what we’ve got

How does your higher self communicate truths to you? Mine sends me messages through little scenes from obscure movies like this one. As I watched the scene unfold, I was struck.

What if life is one big improv show?

John C. Reilly father of hot son Leo gets it.
  1. the show is already happening.

Jeni Gage

Jeni Gage is a Human Design reader + yoga teacher living in Austin, Texas. Grab my free guide to Human Design energy types at

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